Valverde: Messi’s goal changed everything

FC Barcelona coach Ernesto Valverde (53), speaking after his side won 3-0 over Juventus in Group D Champions League match at Camp Nou Stadium, Barcelona, ​​Wednesday (13/09/2017) early morning hrs Agen Sbobet Casino.

Barcelona goals scored by Lionel Messi (45th minute, 69 ‘) and Ivan Rakitic (56’).

“We were against Champions League finalists last season but managed to record clean sheets and scored three goals,” Ernesto Valverde told UEFA.

“Overall, we performed well, but we did have to be patient in snatching the ball and creating chances,” Valverde said.

In addition, Valverde is grateful for not being the enemy of Messi anymore.

“Messi’s goals change everything, every time Messi holds the ball, you just think that something good can happen,” Valverde said.

“I’m very miserable when I have to face Messi as the coach of the opposing team, but now I enjoy the game,” said Valverde.

Before gush Barcelona, ​​Valverde handles Athletic Bilbao.

He had melakoni seven parties in the Spanish League against Barcelona.

Within that period, Messi packed four goals and five assists into Valverde’s Bilbao goal.

In fact, the seven matches are always won by Messi and his friends.