Surabaya and Liverpool Search Successor Evan Dimas

City Government of Surabaya and Liverpool establish cooperation in the form of sister city. Various cooperation such as city spatial arrangement, transportation and English education was held.

In addition, the city administration and Liverpool also plans to bring a coach from England to train football players in Surabaya. It is expected that Evan Dimas’s successor can be announced Surabaya and Indonesia.

“The goal, so they can become a player who achievers, qualified, famous and able to bring Indonesia at the international level,” said Mozzam Malik, British ambassador to Indonesia.

The Mayor of Surabaya, Tri Rismaharini confirmed the cooperation between Surabaya and Liverpool in the field of football. He wants to see Evan Dimas newly born in this Hero town.

“I want 89 Football Schools in the villages surabaya to be able to take and take advantage of this opportunity,” said the young woman also hobby of exercise.

From the results of the discussion of the fabric of cooperation that will be built Surabaya and Liverpool, the achievement in the near future is to prepare the signing Mou.

“Insyaalah most likely done in November 2017,” said Risma.