Kaka Reveals Reject Reject Manchester City

Kaka divulged why he rejected an offer from Manchester City in January 2009, the reason being because it is safer to be in Milan.

The Brazilian was reportedly close to Etihad, with one club director, Garry Cook saying ‘botteld it’.

“The negotiations have gone very far,” Kaka said.

“It’s getting to the point where the transfer value and details have been discussed. The salary I will receive is also very big than what I get in Milan.

“I imagine what kind of games I am in the UK, my new routine, how difficult it is for my children and my wife to move home.

“Things like that continue to be in my mind. I do not think City is interested in bringing me until they actually make an official offer to Milan.

“I conclude that this is not the right decision to join City, and the main reason is the lack of clarity about the team building process.

“I do not know exactly how the team will turn out and I’m not sure if the project will work.

“I was asked to leave from one of the most successful and historic clubs in Europe just to play a team that just started its project, where I will be their most expensive player.

“It’s safer to stay in Milan.”