De Laurentiis: Higuain Must Miss Sarri

Napoli president Aurelio De Laurentiis believes that Gonzalo Higuain must miss the figure of coach Maurizio Sarri

This season, the Argentine striker suffered a goal drought at Juventus, and De Laurentiis believes it will not happen, if the player is handled by a coach like Sarri.

“Everyone is trying to push their own agenda. I can say that at this moment our team has performed beautifully, and managed to achieve victory, “said the president.

I think Gonzalo Higuain is much more sorry for Sarri, compared to Sarri [miss Higuain]. Our coach is a real man. He is also a very romantic man, he does not like to be involved in the fight, he is not like me. ”

“Many of the attackers who underwent his best seasons with us. Edinson Cavani managed to create 30 goals. Ezequiel Lavezzi also grew here, even a Fabio Quagliarella also performed well with us. ”

“Sarri is a great coach, coming from the bottom leagues. Together with Napoli, the rise he experienced was very exponential. Behind his age, he is a young adult trainer. He accepted innovation. He studied football, and practiced the things he learned. “